Esca Wine List Picks





MARIE COURTIN “Eloquence” Extra Brut NV 110-


DIEBOLT-VALLAIS Brut Blanc de Blancs 2008 Grand Cru 140- This Champagne is a steal! The 2008 vintage was amazing and every winery produced fantastic Champagne, including Diebolt-Vallais. This “gem” is hidden amongst other more expensive vintage Champagnes on the lis





 GROSEJEAN FRERES Prëmetta 2015 (Valle D’Aosta) 60- 










FALANGHINA FRATTASI “Taburno” 2016 48- This white wine has stone fruit [peach-apricot] flavors


VERMENTINO PALA “Stellato” 2016 60- 


GRECO BELLARIA 2015 70- This is one of my favorite Italian white wines because it is “crisp” with citrus and yellow apple skin flavors.


FONTODI “Meriggio” Sauvignon Blanc 2016 80- This Sauvignon Blanc has fresh tropical fruit and citrus scents and flavors.


VIGNETI VECCHIO “Sciare” 2016 90- The hot Sicilian sun ripens the grapes grown there to produce this great wine with honey and herb flavors.


CHABLIS OLIVIER SAVARY “Fourchaume” 2015 100- 


ISOLE E OLENA “Collezione Privata” Chardonnay 2016 120- This Chardonnay has intense complex fruit flavors.


MEURSAULT  BITOUZET PRIEUR “Les Santenots” 1er Cru 2013 170- This is a Premier Cru [grapes grown in the Les Santenots vineyard] Chardonnay. Bitouzet-Prieur are master winemakers who are able to express the true terroir [unique scents and flavors of the soil and the surrounding flora/fauna] of the Les Santenots vineyard in their wine. This Meursault from the very good 2013 vintage, will have great “chalky’ elements.






BARBERA SANDRONE 2015 90- Barbera is another excellent red wine value on restaurant lists because it has great dark fruit [black berry-black cherry- dark plum] and spice flavors. You can enjoy these wines young and they are priced fairly. Sandrone is a master winemaker in Italy.




AMARONE VILLA GIRARDI 2009 140- This wine is an excellent value! The 2009 vintage was fantastic and with this much bottle age, this Amarone’s tannins will have softened and the great fruit flavors will be emerging. The three most important things when choosing a wine on a restaurant wine list are: Vintage, Producer [Chateau-Domaine], and Price. Here it is all about the vintage and price.


MONSANTO “Sangioveto” Sangiovese 2010 160- 


SICILY PALARI “Faro” 2008 200- The grapes grown on the slopes of Mt Etna have intense mineral flavors. This wine, from the very good 2008 vintage, has complex “earthy” and sour cherry flavors.


BAROLO ENZO BOGLIETTI“Arione” 2006 200- The 2006 vintage was excellent and with much bottle, the fruit flavors are beginning to evolve and become more complex. Evolved fruit is like comparing fresh fruit flavor to stewed/cooked/dried complex fruit flavor.




CAREMA FERRANDO “Etichetta Bianca” 2009 220- Ferrando is a master winemaker in Piedmont. His Nebbiolo wine is produced in Carema, which is located outside of the legal Barolo “zone”,  but it is amazing. He is able to express the true terroir [unique scents and flavors of the soil and surrounding flora/fauna] of a vineyard in his wines. Being able to express the true terroir in a wine, is the sign of a brilliant winemaker. The 2009 vintage was excellent, so this wine will have intense fruit flavors.

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