Celestine Wine List Review




Champagne Blanc des Blancs “Vignes de Montgueux” Lassaigne NV (Champagne, France) 110


Champagne Brut 1er Cru “Cuvée Volupte” Rene Geoffroy 2008 (Champagne, France) 145- This is an excellent Champagne from the amazing 2008 vintage. 


Rose Champagne “Le Papillon” Rose Brut Nature Domaine Henri Milan 2015 (Provence, France) 60-This is a beautiful artisanal  Rose Champagne from the south of France. 






Bekaa Valley Rose Chateau Musar 2014 (Bekaa Valley, Lebanon) 95- This a Rose of Lebanon [yes, they do make great wine, there] and has great red fruit [strawberry] flavors.







 This is the “new” category of white wines that have a dark [orange] hue. This “orange” color is caused by the winemaker leaving the skins on the grapes during fermentation. This process creates a wine with some “interesting” flavors such as nuts, apples, sourdough, and orange rind. These Orange wines can be sometimes “over the top” with complex flavors.


Vermentino Testalonga 2015 (Liguria, Italy) 68- This is one of my favorite Italian white wines because of the “crispness” and herbal flavors.













Riesling Keuka Lake Vineyards 2016 (Finger Lakes, NY) 54- Don’t dismiss this dry Riesling from Upstate New York. The Riesling grape thrives in the cold weather. I recently tasted this wine at a “blind” [can’t see the labels] Riesling tasting and it did very well.


Fiano/Falanghina Annona 2016 (Campania, Italy) 58-


Assyrtiko Hatzidakis 2016 (Santorini, Greece) 66


Etna Bianco Graci 2016 (Sicily, Italy) 66-


Cassis Blanc Clos St. Magdelene 2015 (Cassis, France) 68- I love white Cassis wine because it has beautiful white flower scents and citrus flavors. Cassis is near the Mediterranean and the grapes grown there are bathed in the ocean breezes. You can taste a little “saltiness” in the wines produced there.


Greco di Tufo Pietracupa 2015 (Campania, Italy) 70- 


Chardonnay De Fermo 2015 (Abruzzo, Italy) 80- 


Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Emidio Pepe 2013 (Abruzzo, Italy) 165









Garnacha Tintorera “Albahra” Envínate (Almansa, Spain) 60- This wine has great red fruit [strawberry] and black pepper flavors.


Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Annona 2016 (Abruzzo, Italy) 62-


Grenache “Jeunes Vignes” Clos du Rouge Gorge 2015 (Roussillon, France) 64


Conca de Barbera Celler Escoda-Sanahuja 2013 (Catalunya, Spain) 76- 


Zinfandel “Duarte” Turley Wine Cellars 2015 (Contra Costa, California) 95- 


Côtes de Castillon Clos Puy Arnaud 2011 (Bordeaux, France) 100- The 2011 vintage was very good and the Petit Chateaus [small family owned wineries] produced great value Bordeaux wines. This wine has great dark fruit [blackberries-dark plum] flavors.


Pinot Noir “Le Suchot” Domaine Simon Bize et Fils Aloxe-Corton 2014 (Burgundy, France) 150-

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