Le Coucou Wine List Picks

1/2 bottles


Champagne   Ployez-Jacquemart / Brut NV 55- A pretty Champagne


White Domaine Moreau-Naudet / Chablis 1er Cru / 'Les Forêts' / Burgundy 2015 80




Burgundy Domaine Anne & Hervé Sigaut / Chambolle-Musigny / 'Les Bussières' 2015 90


Bordeaux Château La Croix-Toulifaut / Pomerol 2008 98


Rhone Clusel-Roch / Côte Rotie 2014 75






Bénédicte et Stephane Tissot / Crémant du Jura / 'BBF' / Extra Brut chardonnay NV 98- This is not “true” Champagne but who cares? It is a delicious sparkling Chardonnay wine. If you are having guests for dinner, order a second bottle of “bubbly” and look like a sport.


Jeeper / 'Grande Réserve' / Blanc de Blancs / Brut NV 198-This is Blanc de Blanc [all Chardonnay grapes] with citrus and apple flavors.


Rose Champagne Drappier / Brut Nature NV 165-This is a Brut Nature [very dry] style of Rose Champagne with great red fruit [wild cherry-wild strawberry] flavors.


David Léclapart / 'L'Artiste' / Extra Brut 2009 298- This is an artisanal Champagne from the excellent 2009 vintage.










If you are having 5 or more guests for dinner, a second bottle of wine will be necessary. Choose a magnum [2 bottles of wine] because it is said that the best juice from a winery goes into magnums. There is nothing that says celebration like a big bottle of wine being poured at a table.


Château Belles-Graves / Lalande-de-Pomerol 1.5L 2009 185- The 2009 vintage was excellent and this Pomerol [Merlot] will be “lush”.


Henri Bonneau / 'Les Rouliers' / VdF grenache 1.5L 2012 345- This wine is produced by one of the most coveted winemakers in all of France. Bonneau’s wines are very difficult to find and are usually extremely expensive. The 2012 vintage was excellent and this magnum is a treasure.


Château Pradeaux / Bandol mourvèdre - grenache 1.5L 2001 485-This wine from Bandol [Provence] is produced with Mourvedre grapes and is packed with dark fruit [black cherry-blackberry-cassis-dark plums]. This is one of my favorite wines and Chateaux Pradeaux is an excellent winemaker.









Under $100.00



Domaine des Gandines / Viré-Clessé 2016 55- This Chardonnay is produced in the Macon, where great wine is offered at a great price. This is an excellent value wine.


MUSCADET Domaine Bonnet-Huteau / Sèvre et Maine / 'Goulaine' 2013 65- 


FINGER LAKES RIESLING 2703 Forge Cellars / 'Les Allies' 2014 68- Don’t dismiss this bone dry Riesling form Upstate New York. The Riesling grape thrives in the cold climate and there are a lot of stone fruit [apricot-peach] fruit flavors in this wine.


SAUMUR Domaine Guiberteau / 'Les Moulins' 2015 75- This is Chenin Blanc which is “crisp” with yellow apple skin flavors.


VOUVRAY Domaine de Pouvray / 'Demi Sec' 2002 98- This is aged Chenin Blanc which should be special semi sec [semi dry] wine with evolved exotic fruit flavors


ALSACE Albert Boxler muscat 2012 85-


CHABLIS 1er CRU Jean et Sebastien Dauvissat / 'Vaillons' 1er Cru 2008 98-Chablis [Chardonnay]


Scholium Project / 'Michael Faraday Vineyard' / Sonoma Mountain 2015 100- If it is California Chardonnay you desire, pick this one.





Over $100.00




BOURGOGNE ALIGOTÉ 3227 Domaine Marquis d'Angerville 2014 105-


SANCERRE Domaine Vacheron 2016 120

WHITE BORDEAUX Château Talbot / 'Caillou Blanc' / Bordeaux sauvignon blanc - sémillon 2016 125

Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc Domaine Giraud / Chateauneuf-du-Pape / 'Les Gallimardes' grenache blanc - clairette - roussanne 2010 150- 


LANGUEDOC Peyre Rose / Coteaux du Languedoc / 'Oro' rolle - roussanne 2001 185


RIESLING Trimbach / 'Geisberg' riesling 2012 190-


MEURSAULT Bitouzet-Prieur / 'Les Charmes' 1er Cru 2013 195-


PULIGNY-MONTRACHET  Bitouzet-Prieur / 'Les Levrons' 2013 190price.


OREGON Bergström / 'Sigrid' / Willamette Valley chardonnay 2014 200-

CHASSAGNE-MONTRACHET Domaine Marc Morey / 'Les Chenevottes' 1er Cru

2004 215


CHABLIS Vincent Dauvissat / 'Vaillons' 1er Cru 2009 345-Dauvissat is a master winemaker working with Chablis [Chardonnay]. He is able to express the true terroir [unique scents and flavors in the soil and surrounding flora/fauna] of a specific vineyard site. This Premier Crus [grapes grown in the special Vaillons vineyard] Chablis is from the excellent 2009 vintage.







GERMANY 1519 Friedrich Becker 'Petit Rosé' / Pfalz pinot noir 2016 65- 


COSICA Abbatucci / VDF / 'Valle di Nero' / Corsica carcajolu neru 2014 105-







Under $100.00




VINOS DE MADRID  Comando G 'Rozas 1er Cru' garnacha 2015 95- 



BORDEAUX LALANDE DE POMEROL 7318 Château de Bel-Air 2011 70


SAINT-JOSEPH 7797 Yves Cuilleron / 'Cavanos' 2015 90-


BEAUJOLAIS Beaujolais Pierre Cotton / 'Les Grilles' / Côte de Brouilly 2016 95-Don’t mistake this Beaujolais for that “super fruity”wine. This is Cru Beaujolais form Brouilly which can be as nuanced and complex and Burgundy Pinot Noir. Cru Beaujolais is an excellent food wine.


SANTENAY 7218 Domaine Thomas Morey / 'Vieilles Vignes' 2015





Over $100.00


POREGON Bergström / 'Cumberland Reserve' 2015 11


BORDEAUX POMEROL Château du Tertre / 5ème Grand Cru Classé 2012 155-Pomerol [Merlot] from the great 2009 vintage.


BORDEAUX PAUILLAC Château Clerc-Milon / 'Pastourelle de Clerc-Milon' 2009 165- Every large Chateau chooses it’s best grapes to put into the marquee label. The second best grapes go into the second label. In a great vintage like 2009, there is little difference between the quality of the grapes. Here the second label of Clerc Milon and you benefit by enjoying great Bordeaux for a great pr


BORDEAUX Château Meyney 2000 185- This is a great Bordeaux value. The 2000 vintage was one of the best in the past 100 years.


BANDOL Château Pradeaux mourvèdre - grenache 2000 245-


GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN Domaine Maume / 'Champeaux' 1er Cru 2012 265-


ALOXE-CORTON  Domaine Follin-Arbelet / Corton-Bressandes Grand Cru 2009 260


CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE Lucien et André Brunel / 'Les Cailloux' grenache - mourvèdre - syrah 1998 267


UMBRIA  Paolo Bea / Sagrantino di Montefalco / 'Cerrete' sagrantino 2009 272- Paolo Bea is a brilliant winemaker using the Sangratino grape. Ask the Sommelier to describe this wine.


VOLNAY Domaine Michel Lafarge / 'Vendages Sélectionnées' 2010 315-


CALIFORNIA Heitz Cellar / 'Martha's Vineyard' 1986 525- The Cabernets from Heitz are legendary. I recently tasted the 1979 from Marthas Vineyard and it was fantastic. When are you going to be able to taste a 30 year old Cabernet?


MOREY ST DENIS Domaine Hubert Lignier / Clos de La Roche 2006 675- This Pinot Noir is produced by Huber Lignier, who is one of the best winemakers in all of Burgundy. His expertise is being able to express the true terroir [unique scents and flavors of the soil and surrounding flora/fauna] in a specific vineyard site. Here he is using grapes from the famed Clos de La Roche site. This wine is coveted by Burgundy collectors and drinkers. A special Burgundy wine experience.


A Special Night


SAINT-ÉMILION Château Canon / 1er Grand Cru Classé B 1982 698- This St Emilion is from the historic 1982 vintage. I just tasted another 1982 and it was amazingly youthful!

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