Batard Wine List Picks- 1 Michelin star






françois mikulski, burgundy, france nv 55- This is not “true” Champagne, but who cares? Cremant is delicious and a great value sparkling wine. This is a great wine to drink as an aperitif or with your entire dinner. If you are hosting a dinner, order a second bottle of “bubbly” and look like a “sport”.



schramsberg 'blanc de blancs,' north coast, california 2012-80- A great choice for a sparkling wine


agrapart 'blanc de blancs - l'avizoise,' avize grand cru 2008-280- Here is a “dazzler” from the great 2008 vintage.










Under $75.00





hubert lignier 2014-50




roger lassarat 'plaisir' 2015-45.




christian moreau 2015-66- This is a “viilage” [ Chardonnay grapes grown in town vineyards] Chablis wine, which means you can taste “some” of the classic mineral and complex fruit flavors



 château la dame blanche, bordeaux, france 2014-




bruno clair 2014-78- This rustic Chardonnay is produced by a serious winemaker. A great pick for the price.




GRÜNER VELTLINER forstreiter 'schiefer,' kremstal 2014 -




Over $100.00




jacques prieur 'clos de mazeray' 2010-195- [Chardonnay].



jacques carillon 2015-172-



PREMIER CRU 'PUCELLES' olivier leflaive 2015-345-



hubert lamy 2014-125- St Aubin is “off the beaten path” of expensive white Burgundies i.e. Puligny-Chassagne. The wines produced here are great and priced well.This is a Premier Crus [Chardonny grapes grown in the special Les Frionnes” vineyard]




vincent dauvissat 2014-240- This is a Premier Crus [ Chardonnay grapes grown in the special La Forest vineyard] from an amazing winemaker. Dauvissat knows how to express the true terroir [unique scents and flavors from the soil and surrounding flora/fauna] from this vineyard. A lot of complex fruit and mineral flavors, from the great 2014 vintage. 




PREMIER CRU 'LES BAUDINES’-pierre-yves colin-morey 2014 245—




henri boillot 2010-350





françois raveneau 2014-425- A serious Chablis from one of the greatest winemakers in all of white Burgundy. Here he is using the fantastic 2014 vintage. This wine has intense mineral and complex fruit flavors.










About $75.00




CHOREY-LÈS-BEAUNE edmond cornu 'les bons ores' 2013-70

OREGON PINOT NOIR cristom 'mt. jefferson cuvée,' willamette 2015-70- 



CÔTE DE BROUILLY nicole chanrion 2006- 80- Don’t mistake this Beaujolais for that “super fruity” wine. This is Crus Beaujolais and can be as complex and as nuanced as red Burgundy.This Brouilly has bottle age and should be very interesting to drink with dinner


BOURGOGNE ROUGE ghislaine barthod 'les bons bâtons' 2014-82- Barthod is famous for her Chambolle wines. This is her "basic" Pinot Noir from the famous Les Bon Batons [ The  straight stick ] vineyards


CRÔZES-HERMITAGE pierre et vincent jaboulet 2013-70 - This is a great Syrah at a great price. Crozes Hermitage may be one of the best value red wines on any restaurant wine list.



Over $100.00


CHÂTEAUNEUF DU PAPE  olivier hillaire 2010-115- This is one of the best wine values on the whole red wine list! The 2010 vintage was amazing, and this wine has bottle age. If you are looking for a beautiful Chateauneuf du Pape without over paying, pick this wine.




SANTENAY PREMIER CRU 'GRAND CLOS ROUSSEAU'jean-marc morey 2010 114— The three things that determine a great wine on a restaurant wine list are: Vintage, Producer [Chateaux /Winemaker], and Price. Here is a great vintage, an amazing winemaker, and a decent price. This Pinot Noir is a fantastic value


CORNAS dumien-serrette 'patou' 2005-120- . A great red wine with dinner. I would pick this wine!


CALIFORNIA SYRAH pax 'the hermit,' north coast 2010-135


CHÂTEAUNEUF DU PAPE  bosquet des papes 'chante le merle' 2005-150


BORDEAUX CHÂTEAU SOCIANDO-MALLET haut-médoc 2009-145- In a great vintage like 2009, EVERYBODY, makes great wine. Sociando Mallet just doesn’t charge “an arm and a leg” for their wine. 


HERMITAGE chapoutier 'les greffieux' 2005-295-


VOLNAY PREMIER CRU bitouzet-prieur 'LES AUSSY’ 2012-135


CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGN PREMIER CRU 'LES CRAS' ghislaine barthod 2014-315- Here is my favorite Premier Crus { grapes grown in the Les Cras vineyard] Chambolle [Pinot Noir] by Barthod. All the red fruit [strawberry-raspberry] fruit you ever dreamed of and great structure. A red Burgundy Pinot Noir masterpiece.


VOSNE-ROMANÉE jean grivot 2010-175- A good value wine from a great winemaker, Grivot, and in a great vintage.


GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN PREMIER CRU PREMIER CRU 'COMBE AUX MOINES' domaine fourrier 2014-350 . A great vintage and a great producer.


GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN GRAND CRU  LATRICIÈRES-CHAMBERTIN GRAND CRU louis jadot 2005-415- Grand Crus grapes are grown in the best of the best vineyards. These vineyards have the most unique soil, which imports a special flavor to the grapes grown there. These Grand Crus vineyards also have the most amount of daily sun exposure, ensuring lush grapes. This Grand Crus Gevrey-Chambertin [Pinot Noir] is from the great 2005 vintage and now has bottle age. Bottle age smooths out the tannins and lets this Grand Cru’s exotic fruit flavors to emerge. Wow! What a wine.


A Special Night

MOREY-ST.-DENIS GRAND CRU CLOS DE LA ROCHE GRAND CRU hubert lignier 2014-795- You should know that Clos de la Roche is one of the most coveted red Burgundies in the world. This wine can be a life changing experience.







MERCUREY PREMIER CRU 'CLOS DE CHÂTEAU DE MONTAIGU' meix-foulot 2008 168- If you are dining with 5 or more gusts, a second bottle of wine will be necessary. This Magnum [2 bottles] of Mercurey from the Meix-Foulot vineyard, will be perfect. With bottle age, the tannins will have softened and the fruit flavors will have evolved and become more complex. 

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