Per Se Wine List Picks-3 Michelin Stars

1/2 Bottles




Krug, "Grande Cuvée," Reims MV 195- This Champagne has the most devoted following. Order a 1/2 bottle and see what all the "buzz" is about.




Sauvignon Blanc Spottswoode, Sonoma County/Napa County 2016 65- 


Roesling Bründlmayer, "Heiligenstein," Zöbing, Kamptal 2015 65- 


Chardonnay Domaine Bernard Defaix, "Côte de Lechet" 2015 60- 




Barbaresco Castello di Neive 2010 65


Rioja La Rioja Alta, "Viña Ardanza," Reserva 2007 65


Bordeaux Clos du Marquis 2006 95- This a true “gem” on the list! This Bordeuax is produced by the winemakers from the famed Chateau Leoville las Cases, which is one of the most pedigreed Chateaux’s in all of Bordeaux. With this wine you get that winemaking expertise at a great value price. Plus this wine is from the really good 2006 and therefore has 11 years of bottle age.








Taittinger, "La Française," Reims MV 190- A great classic MV [multi vintage ] Champagne.


Ruinart, Reims MV 270- This is my favorite Blanc de Blanc [all Chardonnay grapes] Champagne


R. Pouillon & Fils, Pinot Noir, "Chemin du Bois," Mareuil-sur-Aÿ (12.2015) 2008 370- The 2008 vintage in Champagne was near perfect


Chartogne -Taillet, "Heurtebise," Merfy (10.2015) 2009 335- This Blanc de Blanc [all Chardonnay grapes] is from the fantastic 2009 vintage.







Under $100.00


Feudi di San Gregorio, Greco di Tufo 2014 65


Domaine Bailly-Reverdy 2015 70- Sancerre


Chardonnay Mount Eden Vineyards, "Old Vines," Edna Valley 2014 80- If you desire a California Chardonnay


Riesling Van Volxem, "Alte Reben" 2015 80-


Kuen Hof, Riesling, "Kaiton," Südtirol 2014 95- This is dry Italian Riesling.


Domaine Jamet 2014 95- This is Cotes du Rhone white wine from an amazing produce  


Domaine Charles Audoin 2015 95- This French White Burgundy [Chardonnay] is produced “off the beaten path” of pedigreed vineyards. That is why it is a great value white wine  from the amazing 2015 vintage. 


J.M. Boillot 2013 100-White Burgundy Chardonnay




Over $100.00


Domaine Huet, "Le Haut-Lieu" 2015 100- Chenin Blanc from an amazing producer in a fantastic vintage.


Trimbach, "Réserve Personnelle" 2010 120- This is Pinot Gris grape. . 


Domaine Fernand & Laurent Pillot, "Les Champgains" 2013 165- This is a beautiful white Burgundy [Chardonnay]. It is from the great 2013 vintage


Domaine Saint Préfert 2015 155- Did you know that white wine is made in Chateauneuf du Pape? This is a big and complex wine that pairs well with rich food. Think about what you are ordering for dinner BEFORE you pick a wine. Big food needs a big wine to pair with. The wine changes the taste of the food…. And the food changes the taste of the wine.


Clos Canarelli, Vermentino, Corse Figari 2014 135- This wine is produced on the rocky island of Corsica. 


J.J. Prüm, "Wehlener Sonnenuhr" 2009 165- Prum is one of my favorite Rieling producers in the Mosel region. This wine is from the fantastic 2009 vintage


Domaine William Fèvre, "Montmains" 2014 155- I love Fevre’s Chablis quality for the price. 


Domaine Roulot 2011 215- This wine is a steal! Produced by one of the best winemakers in Burgundy. Don’t pass up on this gem.


Domaine Chavy, "Les Clavoillons" 2014 225- 


Domaine Henri Germain, "Morgeot, Les Fairendes" 2015 290- This Chardonnay is a product of a brilliant winemaker from the great 2015 vintage.





Matthiasson, Grenache/Syrah, Napa Valley 2016 80-


Château Pradeaux 2016 85- 






Under $100.00


Poggio Antico 2014 90- . This is a “baby brunello” made with Sangiovese grapes from a great producer. This "skinny" "younger" brother of the great Brunello di Montalcino with some of the same fruit flavors without the "weight". Rosso di Montalcinos are designed to be consumed young and this one has beautiful dark fruit flavors. 


Domaine Emmanuel Darnaud, "Les Trois Chênes" 2012 95-Crozes Hermitage [Syrah] could be one of the best wine values on any restaurant list.


Domaine Jean Foillard, "Cuvée Corcelette" 2013 95- Do not dismiss this Beaujolais as one of those “fruity table wines”. This is Crus Beaujolais from the Morgon region. A fantastic food wine! Some people consider Crus Beaujolais to be as complex and as nuanced as Burgundy Pinot Noirs.


Domaine de Montvac, "Adage" 2015 95- This is French Syrah


Château Marsac Séguineau 2009 100- Never heard of Chateau Marsac Seguineau? Neither have I, but it doesn't matter. If you love Bordeaux, order this super value wine. In great vintages, like 2009, everyone, including Chateau Marsac Seguineau makes great wine. I love drinking these Petit Chateau Bordeaux wines in the 2009 vintage. 




Over $100.00


Benovia 2014 115-  classic California Pinot Noir


Domaine Lionnet, "Terre Brulée" 2011 145- This is Syrah


Méo-Camuzet Frère et Soeurs 2015 155- If you want a serious Pinot Noir from France, pick this wine. Meo-Camuzet is one of the top producers in Burgundy. Here you get that expertise for a modest price. You will not be disappointed with this pick.


Kistler 2014 190-  If you are entertaining guests, pick this California Pinot Noir. Everybody at your table will love this wine. It is rich, thick, and gobs of dark fruit.  Even if you know nothing about wine, this wine will make your guests take notice.


Switchback Ridge, "Peterson Family Vineyard" 2011 175- This Merlot has developed a cult following. If it is California Merlot you are craving, pick this one. 


Rubissow, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mount Veeder 2010 175


Ar.Pe.Pe, "Sassella - Stella Retica, " Riserva 2006 160- . This is another area not in Barolo but making great Nebbiolo wine without the high price tag. This Riserva wine has 11 years of bottle age


Castello di Ama, Riserva 2006 195- This is serious Chianti. Castello di Ama is considered to be the Chateau Latour of Chianti. This Riserva wine is 11 years old and should have evolved Sangiovese fruit flavors.


Pauillac de Château Latour 2010 240- This may be the best red wine value on the whole wine list. This Bordeaux is from the fantastic 2010 vintage and is produced by Chateau Latour. Need I say more? This is the 3rd label at Chateau Latour. The best grapes go into the Chateau Latour label. The next best grapes go into the 2nd and 3rd label. The miracle here is,  that the 2010 vintage was so monumental, that all the grapes were amazing! So you might be drinking the grapes that “just did not make the cut” for the prime bottling of Chateaux LaTour. I guarantee you this wine will impress you.



Domaine du Pegau, "Cuvée Réservée" 2014 175- A great Cahteauneuf du Pape pick from this great producer. 


Malvira, Barbera/ Nebbiolo, "S. Guglielmo" 1997 130- How often do you get a chance to taste 20 year old Nebbiolo [Barolo grapes] wine? Langhe is located just down the road from Barolo. This means you get the Barolo characteristics without the high prices.


Méo-Camuzet Frère et Soeurs 2015 155- This French Pinot Noir wine is from a “lesser known” area in Burgundy. Because of this, you are able to drink Pinot Noir that is very colorful and flavorful at a fair price. The 2015 was a fantastic vintage, so this wine should be “bright” and fresh.


Domaine Louis Boillot & Fils 2015 190- Chambolle is the ultimate feminine Pinot in all of Burgundy.


Domaine Tempier, "La Tourtine" 2008 200- This southern Rhone monster is all Mourvedre grapess


La Dame de Montrose 2010 240- This is the second label wine of Chateau Montrose from the great 2010 vintage.


Clos du Marquis 2010 290- This Bordeaux wine is produced by the brilliant winemakers from Chateau Leoville Las CasesThe 2010 was an amazing vintage.


Château Clerc-Milon 2009 325- This is the second label wine from Mouton Rothschild. The 2009 vintage was fantastic.


Domaine Comte Armand 2015 210- This Volnay is one of the best values on the list.


Domaine Alain Burguet, "Symphonie" 2010 225- The 2010 was a great vintage in Burgundy


Heitz Wine Cellars, "Trailside Vineyard" 2004 265- I like my California Cabernets mature.


Domaine Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier, "Clos de la Maréchale" 2014 295- 


Castello di Neive, "Santo Stefano, Albesani," Riserva 2007 190- This Barberesco [Barolo neighbor] is perfect at 10 years old. It is also from the amazing 2007 vintage. An Italian beauty!


Il Paradiso di Manfredi 2010 305-This is from the near perfect 2010 vintage. 


Paolo Bea, "Pagliaro" 2010 235- Paolo Bea is a master winemaker in Umbria Italy. 


Mastroberardino, "Radici-Antonio," Riserva, Taurasi 2008 235


Domaine Ghislaine Barthod, "Les Cras" 2014 435- I have tasted this Chambolle from the “les Cras” vineyard many times and have never been disappointed. Barthod is a master winemaker in Chambolle. Barthod’s genius, is her ability to express the true terroir of the “Les Cars” vineyard, Chambolle Burgundies are light in color but possess intense red fruit [strawberry-cherry-raspberry] flavors. 


Domaine Dujac 2015 500- Some people say that Morey St Denis and the name Dujac are synonymous. This Pinot Noir wine is from the historic 2015 vintage should be a memorable wine drinking event.


A Speciaal Night


Domaine Hubert Lignier 2009 865- If you want an amazing dining experience, then pick this stunner by one of the most brilliant winemakers in all of Burgundy. Here Lignier is using Grand Crus Pinot grapes and producing a monumental 8 year old Clos de la Roche wine from the amazing 2009 vintage. The price is reflective of the scarcity of this wine. This is red Burgundy at it’s best!

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