Eleven Madison Park Wine List Picks- 3 Michelin Stars

1/2 bottles





CHABLIS Louis Michel 2012 45- 


MEURSAULT Thierry et Pascale Matrot, Les Chevalières 2015 65


NAPA VALLEY Miner Family 2015 55- 




SANTENAY René Lequin-Colin, Vieilles Vignes 2014 60- This is French Pinot noir

WILLAMETTE VALLEY Bergström, Cumberland Reserve 2014 65- Oregon Pinot Noir


GIGONDAS Domaine du Gour de Chaule, Cuvée Tradition 2013 45- ]. A great food wine and a great 1/2 bottle red wine value.





Bérêche & Fils, Brut Réserve (12.16) 95- This is vintage Champagne for under $100.00. The two numbers in parenthesis indicate the 2012 or the 2016 vintages, which are available. Ask the Sommelier for the 2012 vintage for this nice Champagne value.


SPARKLING WINE Bruno Dangin, Prestige de Narcès, Crémant de Bourgogne 2014 80- This is not true Champagne but who cares? If you are not a Champagne fanatic, then this “bubbly”will do nicely.






Under $100.00


FINGER LAKES Empire Estate, Riesling 2015 55- Don’t dismiss these Rieslings produced in upstate New York. With the colder climate, the Riesling grape thrives. Ask the Sommelier which of the New York State Rieslings, are your style [dry or semi-sweet or sweet] white wine.


RIESLING Vollenweider, Wolfer Goldgrube, Kabinett 2015 65- This is German Riesling from a fantastic vintage.



MUSCADET La Pépière, Château Thébaud, Clos des Morines, Sèvre et Maine 2012 65 This is a great wine value.


SAUVIGNON BLANC SANCERRE Domaine du Carrou, La Jouline 2014 75- This is a great food wine and a great wine value.


SÉMILLON & SAUVIGNON BLANC Saint Glinglin 2013 55- 


MÂCON-VILLAGES Dominique Cornin, Chânes, Serreudières 2011 55- This French Chardonnay is an excellent value.


ALTO ADIGE ITALY Kuenhof, Kaiton, Eisacktaler 2011 90- Just like New York, great Rieslings are being produced in this region of Italy


CÔTE MÂCONNAIS VIRÉ-CLESSÉ Domaine de Roally 2012 85- The Cote Maconnais is a great area in Burgundy where you can find amazing Chardonnay for a small price. This is a great value pick in a great vintage.




Over $100.00



PREMIER CRU Chablis Vincent Dauvissat, Forest 2013 190- If you want to spend the money on a white wine, spend it here. This premier Crus Chablis is from a great producer in a great vintage.






RHÔNE VALLEY Domaine de la Citadelle, Les Artèmes, Luberon 2016 70






Under $100.00


Château du Moulin-à-Vent, Couvent des Thorins 2014 MOULIN-À-VENT 65- This is a more feminine style of Crus Beaujolais but still a great food wine. This is not “super fruity” as you might expect Beaujolais to be. If you prefer  something with more “muscle”, pick the Beaujolais below and get  a more “masculine” Beaujolais from the Morgon region.


CROZES-HERMITAGE Les Champs Libres, Foufoune 2012 65- I think this is the best red wine value on the whole list!.


SAUMUR-CHAMPIGNY Domaine de Nerleux, Les Loups Noirs 2011 75 T Cabernet Franc is a great food wine and a great wine value.


SAVIGNY-LÈS-BEAUNE Cornu-Camus, Charnières 2013 80- Burgundy Pinot Noir


PINOT NOIR CALIFORNIA Davis Bynum, Jane's Vineyard, Garfield Block 2011 105-


CÔTES-DU-RHONE Domaine de Pergaud, St-Julien en St-Alban, Vieille Serine 2012 95- 


CABERNET SAUVIGNON CALIFORNIA Carl Roy 2013 95- If you insist on a California Cabernet, this gem is buried among other higher priced Cabernets.




Over $100.00


CORNAS Equis 2012 145- I just drank this wine at blind tasting and thought it was Hermitage. A huge and amazing Syrah


Domaine Bruno Lorenzon, Champs Martin, Carline, Premier Cru 2010 140-Burgundy Pinot Noir- Always pick the greatest wine vintages when choosing a red wine from a restaurant wine list. You get big “bright” pinot fruit in this value wine


Lucien Boillot, Evocelles 2010 195- A village Gverey-Chambertin from a great vintage and 7 years of bottle age, make this an excellent value pick.


Domaine Pierre Guillemot, Serpentières 2005 205- This rustic red Burgundy is from the massive 2005 vintage. With 12 years of bottle age.


Domaine Dujac 2015 225- For many wine drinkers the name Dujac and Morey-Saint- Denis are synonymous. A great wine maker in a great vintage at a good price.


Louis Boillot, Cherbaudes 2015 285- Make note of Louis Boillot. This producer’s name appears on this list several times for good reason. His ability to express the true terroir in his wines, coupled with the fantastic 2015, make this pick an amazing value.


Domaine Maume, Champeaux 2009 295- from the fantastic 2009 vintage.


Hubert Lignier, Chaffots 2010 315-  If you want to taste the ultimate expression of true terroir in a red Burgundy from the great 2010 vintage, pick this beauty. A serious wine.


Ghislaine Barthod, Cras 2011 375- Barthod is a master wine maker in Chambolle, where the red Burgundy can only be described as etherial. A “feminine” red Burgundy but not a “light weight”. Think of  a beautiful female CEO of a Fortune 500 company.


A Special Night


Domaine Robert Chevillon, Chaignots 2005 475- If you are looking to celebrate an anniversary or a milestone birthday and you want to have a really special bottle of Burgundy, This is it. A great producer, the great 2005 vintage, and a Premier Crus wine. Not a bargain, but certainly a pedigreed wine from Nuit St George. This is a “masculine” Pinot noir and you should ask the Sommelier to describe it, to see if it fits with your style of wine. With 12 years of bottle age, this wine's tannins will have softened and the fruit very evolved. Could be life changing?



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