Jean-George Wine List Picks




Crémant d’Alsace, Barmès Buecher, Brut Nature, France 2015 72- This is technically not Champagne because the grapes are not grown in the ‘Champagne” region. Who cares? This is a beautiful sparkling wine that is Brut Nature [extremely "dry"] . You cheeks will "pucker" when you taste this sparkling wine. If you are entertaining guests, order a second bottle of "bubbly", and look like a sport.


Billecart-Salmon, Brut Cuvée Jean-Georges Réserve 135- This Champagne is made exclusively for the Jean-George restaurant group. Billecart-Salomn is an excellent Champagne producer. 


Ruinart, Brut, Blanc de Blancs 248-  This NV [non vintage] Champagne is fantastic.


Vazart-Coquart, Brut, Blanc de Blancs Special Club, Chouilly 2008 278-  a Champagne from the fantastic 2008 vintage





Under $100.00


Trimbach 2014 54- Do you still believe that it is a mistake to order the least expensive wine on a wine list? Don’t be shy to order this wine.  This is a pretty Riesling from a nice vintage. If you are not an wine connoisseur, this wine is perfect. Remember, the Sommeliers chose to put this wine on their list for a reason.


Agnès & Didier Dauvissat 2012 68- Chabli


Henri Prudhon Sur Gamay 1er Cru 2014 100 - I love St Aubin Chardonnays because they are flavorful without the high price of famous white Burgundies [Puligny and Chassagne]. Prudhon is a master winemaker in St Aubin. The 2014 is a great vintage and this St Aubin is a really good value white Burgundy [Chardonnay]


Sancerre, Lucien Crochet 2015 80-  A great food wine.


Enfield Wine Co. Citrine 2015 90- This is a lovely California Chardonnay, that is not too "oaky" and "buttery"


Bitouzet-Prieur Clos du Cromin 2013 160 Meursault [Chardonnay]


Jean-Marc Morey Chenevottes 1 er Cru 2012 200- Jea-Marc Morey’ Chassagne Montrachet [Chardonnay].


Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Clos Saint Jean 2011 144


Zind-Humbrecht Rangen de Thann – Clos Saint Urbain Grand Cru 2001 218- Have you ever tasted 16 year old Riesling wine? This stunner is from the 2001 amazing vintage, so this wine will be exotic. 


Séchet 1 er Cru 2013 298- Dauvissat is a master winemaker in Chablis Burgundy


Peter Michael La Carrière, Knights Valley 2015 348- California Chardonnay at it’s best! I have tasted Peter Michael wines and have always been happily surprised. A very Burgundian effort.


Domaine de Montille 2012 408- Corton Charlemagne Grand Crus


A Special Night


Hermitage, Domaine Jean-Louis Chave 2007 675- Chave is a master winemaker in red Hermitage. Here he shows what he can produce with white Rhone grapes. This is a massive wine from the great 2007 vintage.





Under $100.00


Domaine Dominique Gruhier L’Ame des Dannots 2014 78- A very nice French Pinot noir from a really good vintage.


Jean Dutraive, Fleurie 2016 85- Don’t mistake this Beaujolais for that “super fruity” wine. This is Crus Beaujolais from Fleurie and is very complex and nuanced. A fantastic food wine.


Château Malescasse 2004 74- Never heard of Chateau Malecasse? Neither have I and it does not matter. Why? Because the 2004 vintage was very good and everybody, including Chateau Malecasse, made great wine. The value is here because this wine is 13 years old and not expensive. I have been drinking a lot of 2004s and have not been disappointed. You will be pleasantly surprised when you taste this wine. 


Chinon, Bernard Baudry Clos Guillot 2014 76- This is Cabernet Franc produced by a great winemaker. Cabernet Franc has a spicy flavor with great fruit flavors.


Alain Graillot 2015 98- This Syrah is a great food wine.


Ponzi MV, Willamette Valley 2015 80- Orego


Château Potensac 2005 152-This is an excellent Bordeaux from the great 2005 vintage. With 13 years of bottle age, the tannins will be soft and the fruit flavors very "rich". This is an excellent wine value.


Margaux du Château Margaux 2012 192 - Every large Chateau, Chateau Margaux included, has the “best’, “second best”, and “third best grapes grown in their vineyard. The “best” grapes go into the famous Chateau Margaux. The “second and “third” best grapes go into a second and a third label wines. Need I remind you that the third best grapes from Chateau Margaux, are probably better than the “best” grapes from some other Chateau. Also remember that the same amazing winemaker is making all 3 wines. Here is your chance to taste Chateau Margaux from a really good vintage, for not a lot of money. This wine is a steal!!!


Domaine Bitouzet-Prieur Les Taillepieds 2011 178- This is my pick for the best value red Burgundy[Pinot Noir] on the whole list. Why? Because it has the Trifecta. A great producer, Bitouzet-Prieur. A great vintage 2011. It is a Premier Crus [grapes grown in the special Les Taillepieds vineyard] from Volnay


Domaine Forey 2012 170- Here Forey does his magic in the fabled vineyard site of Vosne Romanee


Remelluri Reserva 2010 118- One of my favorite Riojas. Close your eyes for a second when you taste this wine, and you will think that you are drinking Bordeaux. That is how good this wine is.


Brun Avril 2009 138- Chateauneuf du Pape from the really good 2009 vintage, at a really good price.

Château Le Prieuré 2009 148- this is a great Bordeaux pick.


Domaine Monier Les Serves 2014 166- If you never heard of St Joseph wines, this is your awakening. Serious Syrah is being made in this small “out of the way” region. 


Château Meyney 2000 216- This is a steal! I love Chateau Meyney. It is a St Estephe, o it will have a lot of earthy flavors such as soil, wet leaves, and gravel. This wine is from the historic 2000 vintage, so this wine will be lush and beautiful. If you love great Bordeaux at a really good price, pick this wine.


Edmond Cornu Corton-Bressandes Grand Cru 2008 260- I love Cornu’s Corton [Pinot Nor]. This is an intense dark 9 year old wine from the really good 2008 vintage. The bottle age has smoothed out the tannins and allowed the intense black fruit [blackcherry-blackberry-cassis-plums] fruit flavor to emerge. 


Domaine Jean Grivot Les Roncières 1 er Cru 1996 498- Have you ever tasted a 20 year old Premier Crus red Burgundy[Pinot Noir], from a serious producer? Try Grivot’s  fully mature Nuit St George and  you will talk about this wine for a long time to come.


Domaine Jamet 2011 358- Jamet is a brilliant winemaker of Syrah wines. Pick this wine for a mind altering experience.


Domaine Hubert Lignier Les Chaffots 2012 380- Lignier is a master at producing wines in Morey St Denis. He has the ability to express the true terroir [unique scents and flavors of the soil and surrounding flora/fauna of a certain vineyard] of the “Les Chaffiots” vineyard site. 


A Special Night


MAGNUM Château Malescot Saint-Exupéry 1982 (1.5L) 800- If you are entertaining a party of 5 or more, you will need at least 2 bottles of wine. Why not drink one of the best vintages of the 20th century? Nothing says celebration like a big bottle coming to the table. It is said, that the best juice from the grapes crushed at a vineyard, go into the magnums. Ask the Sommelier if this wine is “tired” [way past it’s prime] and lacking in fruit. If there are guests who are wine drinkers, they will gasp when this 1982 Bordeaux  comes to the table.


Château Canon 1982 1000- If you are closing a business deal, selling your Bitcoin collection, celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, pick this wine from the historic 1982 vintage. I recently tasted a 1982 Les Fort de Latour [Paulliac] and it was amazing. The evolved fruit flavors will blow your mind. Chateau Canon is a serious producer of Bordeaux and you will never forget drinking this wine.

david klein