Babbo Wine List Picks



Philippe Gonet Signature Brut 85

Marguet Les Crayères Grand Cru Brut 2008 200- This Champagne is from the fantastic 2008 vintage

Magnum-Suenen Oiry. Grand Cru Extra Brut 1.5L 175- If you are having 5 or more guests, a second bottle of Champagne will be nice. Pick this “grower” [small artisanal winery] Champagne







Under $100.00



Montenidoli Carato 2010 95- 

 Lucarelli Villa Piana Classico 2014 54-

 Pietracupa 2015 75- This Greco di Tufo is one of my favorite Italian white wines.

 Franco Turpin Jakot 2009 FRIULANO 95- A great food wine.

Köfererhof 2015 KERNER 75-


Over $100.00


Valfaccenda Arzigh 2014 125-


Paolo Bea Arboreus 2009 145-An Orange wine


Benanti Pietramarina Superiore 2013 160- Grapes grown in the volcanic soil of Sicily have unique mineral flavors. 


Tenuta dell’Ornellaia Poggio alle Gazze 2015 175 This is a special SAUVIGNON BLANC blend






Dievole Le Due Arbie 2015 SANGIOVESE 45-








Under $100.00


Villa di Capezzana 2011 65- Long before the Super Tuscans were blending Cabernet and Sangiovese, the Carmignano region was doing it for decades. This is an excellent red wine value.


Candialle 2010 75- This is 7 year old Chianti from the amazing 2010 vintage.


Manenti 2015 75- This Sicilian red wine is an excellent value.


Villa Spinosa Figari Classico Superiore 2012 65-  this is a great wine value.


Castello di Volpaia Riserva 2013 90-


 Il Chiosso 2010 80-  This wine has 7 years of bottle age from the amazing 2010 vintage.


Podere Le Ripi Amore e Magia 2010 90- This Rosso diMontalcino [Baby Brunello] is from the fantastic 2010 vintage. Some of the flavors of Brunello without the “weight” and high price. A great value wine.


Vietti Tre Vigne 2015 63- This Barbera wine is earthy and rustic and a great food wine. Vietti makes high priced Barolo, so you get to taste that winemaking expertise with less expensive Barbera grapes.




Over $100.00


Conterno Fantino 2000 150-A great value! This 17 year old Barolo is from the amazing 2000 vintage. I purchased 6 bottles of Conterno’s 1997 vintage and have been recently drinking them. This 2000 should be drinking beautifully tonight. An excellent pick. 


Oddero 1999 190-Oddero is a family run winery, producing great wine at a value price. This 20 year old Barolo will have soft tannins and very evolved fruit flavors. A great price for this wine.


Aldo Conterno Romirasco 2004 200- This wine is a steal!!! Aldo Conterno is one of the top Barolo winemakers in the region. This wine is from the Romirasco vineyard with 50 year old vines. The 2004 was an amazing vintage and this wine is 13 years old.


Moccagatta Bric Balin 2006 150- This is a 11 year old Barberesco from the amazing 2006 vintage.


 San Giuliano 2000 175- A 17 year old Barberesco from the fantastic 2000 vintage.


Le Ragnaie 2010 200- This Brunello di Montalcino is from the near perfect 2010 vintage.


Fèlsina Riserva 1995 190-  Ask the Sommelier if the wine is “tired” [lost its youth]. It may be old but that does make it good. This wine is either a score or a faded disappointment. Buyer Beware.


Ettore Germano 1999 200- This is an amazing wine value! A 20 year old Barolo from the very good 1990 vintage and Germano is a very talented winemaker. Also look at this value Magnum- Ettore Germano 2004 1.5L 300 which is from the near perfect 2004 vintage


Giuseppe Quintarelli Classico Superiore 2009 225- Quintarelli is an amazing winemaker in the Veneto. This 9 year old Valpolicella is special.


Pio Cesare 2000 230- I love Pio Cesare “old school” Barolo and this one is from the fantastic 2000 vintage. With almost 20 years of bottle age, the tannins will be soft and the dark fruit [blackcherry-blackberry-plums] flavors very evolved and complex.


Tenuta San Leonardo 1999 355- This Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Cabernet Franc blend has great black cherry, cassis, and dark ripe plum flavors. With almost 20 years of bottle age, the fruit flavors will have evolved and become more complex. I love Italian Cabernet and Merlot.


Castello di Ama La Casuccia 2007 320- Castello di Ama could be the Chateau Latour of Chianti. This Chianti is dark, brooding and needs bottle age to allow the complex fruit flavors to emerge. This bottle has the necessary 14 years and is from the very good 2007 vintage. 

david klein