The Nomad Hotel Wine List Review- 1 Michelin Star



PARIGOT & RICHARD, CRÉMANT DE BOURGOGNE, BLANC DE BLANCS, BRUT, SAVIGNY-LES-BEAUNE NV FRANCE 65- This is not “true” Champagne, but it is delicious. If you are entertaining guests, order a second bottle of this “bubbly, and look like a sport.


PIERRE PÉTERS, CUVÉE DE RÉSERVE, BRUT, BLANC DE BLANCS, LE MESNIL-SUR-OGER NV-125 This NV [non vintage] Blanc de Blanc [all Chardonnay grapes] has great “crispness’ [high acid] and mineral flavors.


AGRAPART ET. FILS, EXTRA BRUT, BLANC DE BLANCS, TERROIRS, DIS. 05/11, AVIZE NV 145-A very “crisp” [high acid] Champagne with “nutty” flavors.


J.L. VERGNON, THE O.G., BRUT NATURE, BLANC DE BLANCS, LEMESNIL-SUR-OGER 2010 150- This is a fantastic value Champagne. You are getting the very good 2010 vintage, and  it’s a Blanc de Blanc [all Chardonnay grapes]. This is  Brut Nature style Champagne, which is the “driest”. This is a “crafted” bottle of Champagne at an amazing price. Wow!


JEAN LALLEMENT, VERZENAY 2008 200- This is a “grower” [small artisanal winery] Champagne and is produced in small quantities. The 2008 was an amazing vintage, so the fruit flavors will be “bright” and fresh.


Rose Champagne SCHRAMSBERG, J. SCHRAM ROSÉ, NORTH COAST 2008 270- If you prefer Rose Champagne, pick this one from one of the best producers in California. Here it’s all about the red fruit [strawberry-cherry-raspberry] flavors from grapes grown in southern California.














Under $100.00





VERDICCHIO, LA MONACESCA, MATELICA, MARCHE 2014 45- This is a “rich” and “crisp” [high acid] white wine with lemon and mineral flavors.


Aligote DOMAINE A. ET P. DE VILLAINE, BOUZERON (ALIGOTÉ) 2014 70-Aligote is the “sister” grape to Chardonnay in Burgundy. Aligote wine are “crisp”[high acid] with floral notes. A lot of serious white Burgundy producers, like Bouzeron, are making Aligote wines.


Riesling DOMAINE ZIND-HUMBRECHT 2015 70- Ask the Sommelier to describe [bone dry-dry-semisweet-sweet] all the European Rieslings [German-Austrian-Italian-Alsatian] on the list in this price point. See which matches your preferred style of wine.


Riesling HERMANN J. WIEMER, SEMI-DRY 2005 75- Don’t dismiss this Riesling from Upstate New York. The Riesling grape thrives in the cold climate. Hermann J. Wiemer is a great winemaker.


Sauvignon Blanc LIEU DIT, SANTA YNEZ VALLEY, CALIFORNIA 2016 80- If California Sauvignon Blanc is what you desire, pick this one with lemon and ripe melon flavors. 


Viogner ANDRÉ PERRET, VIN DE PAYS DES COLLINES RHODANIENNES BLANC 2014 85- A great expression of the Viogner grape, with citrus, white flower, and mineral flavors.


Rhone blend CLAIRETTE, DOMAINE TEMPIER, BANDOL 2015 90-This southern France [Bandol] white wine, has citrus and stone fruit [peach] flavors. Domaine Tempier are master winemakers in Bandol.


Chardonnay OLIVIER MERLIN, LA ROCHE VINEUSE, VIEILLES VIGNES, MÂCON 2015 MÂCONNAIS 90- The Macon region where this Chardonnay is from, and is where great wines are produced at great prices.


Chenin Blanc DOMAINE JULIEN VEDEL, LE COMPTE MARC, VOUVRAY 2016 95- This Chenin Blanc is “crisp” [high acid] with mineral and yellow apple skin scents and flavors.






Over $100.00






Chardonnay WALTER SCOTT, CUVÉE ANNE 2015 110- This Oregon Chardonnay has all the “flinty”, citrus, and stone fruit [peach] flavors. If you desire USA Chardonnay, pick this one.


Chardonnay VINCENT DAUVISSAT, VAILLONS, 1ER CRU 2011 195- Chablis is my favorite white Burgundy [Chardonnay] because of the complex and mineral fruit flavors. The 2011 was a fantastic vintage and this Premier Crus [grapes grown in the Vaillons vineyard] fruit flavors will be “bright” and fresh. Dauvissat is a master winemaker in Chablis. This is a chance to taste his talents for a good price.


Chardonnay DOMAINE PAUL PILLOT, LES CAILLERETS, 1ER CRU 2015 260- This Premier Crus [grapes grown in the special Les Caillerts vineyard] Chassagne [Chardonnay] has the classic “match stick” scent, “flinty” and citrus flavors.


Chardonnay DOMAINE ANTOINE JOBARD, BLAGNY, 1ER CRU 2013 310- This Premier Crus [grapes grown in the special Blagny vineyard] Meursault [Chardonnay] has great mineral and stone fruit [peach] flavors.










L DOMAINE DE TERREBRUNE 2015 75- This Bandol [Provence] Rose is produced from Mourvedre grapes and has intense pink grapefruit and lemon flavors.










Under $100.00




Pinot Noir POULSARD-TROUSSEAU, DOMAINE ROLET, TRADITION, ARBOIS, JURA 2012 FRANCE 50- This is a light style of Pinot Noir with great red fruit [strawberry-cherry] flavors.


MONTEPULCIANO, ANNONA, 'MODO ANTICO', LORETO APRUTINO, ABRUZZO 2016 55- A dark colored “table” wine with great dark fruit [black cherry-black berry] flavors.


CHIANTI CLASSICO CASTELL'IN VILLA 2012 55- The 2012 vintage in Chianti was very good, so this Sangiovese wine will have “lush” red and dark fruit with spice flavors.


Cotes du Rhone MICHEL SAVEL & HERVÉ SOUHAUT, LES MARECOS, VIN DE PAYS DES COLLINES RHODANIENNES (SYRAH-MERLOT) 2015 CÔTES DU RHÔNE 60- Cotes du Rhone are usually “simple” red wines. This predominately Syrah wine is an excellent value wine and is anything but “simple”.


Beaujolais JULIEN SUNIER, MORGON 2016 65- Don’t mistake this Beaujolais as that “super fruity” wine. This is Crus Beaujolais which can be as complex and as nuanced as Burgundy Pinot Noir. A great food pairing wine.


Burgundy DOMAINE PIERRE GUILLEMOT, VIEILLES VIGNES 2014 80- This Burgundy Pinot Noir is a “rustic” style with red fruit [strawberry-raspberry-cherry] flavors.


Rioja LOPEZ DE HEREDIA, VIÑA BOSCONIA, RESERVA 2005 90- The 2005 vintage was excellent and with bottle age, this Rioja will have evolved complex fruit flavors. A great value wine.


Bordeaux CHÂTEAU LA GURGUE 1995 110-   This 23 year old red wine has very evolved dark fruits [black cherry-dark plum] and leather scents. Where can you find a 23 year old wine for this price?




Over $100.00





MERLOT-CABERNET SAUVIGNON, VIÑA MAGAÑA, RESERVA, NAVARRA 2007 SPAIN 135- This is a “Bordeaux” blend [Cabernet-Merlot] and has great black cherry and blackberry fruit flavors. With this much bottle age, the tannins will have softened and the evolved fruit flavors will emerge. A great value red wine.


Barbera GIACOMO CONTERNO, CASCINA FRANCIA, ALBA 2015 140- Barbera red wine could be one of the best values on any red wine list, because there is fantastic dark fruit and spice flavors. You can taste these wine “young” and Giacomo Conterno is an “old school” master winemaker in Barolo.


Bordeaux CHÂTEAU DU TERTRE 2005 160- I guarantee  that this Margaux Bordeaux will blow your mind for this price! The 2005 vintage was excellent and this past year, I have been drinking  many wines from this vintage. They are ready to drink and are great values. 


Burgundy DOMAINE ROULOT 2014 190- This Pinot Noir is perfect for pairing with food because of the great structure [acid-tannins] and mineral flavors.


Burgundy POMMARD DOMAINE LUCIEN BOILLOT, LES CROIX NOIRES, 1ER CRU 2009 190-This Pinot is produced by Boillot who is able to express the terroir [unique soil, and the flora and fauna scents and flavors, surrounding a vineyard]. With this much bottle age, the tannins will have softened and the fruit flavors emerged.


BERGSTRÖM, BERGSTRÖM VINEYARD, DUNDEE HILLS 2015 230- If it is USA Pinot Noir you desire, pick this one from Oregon. I prefer the Pinots from Oregon because they have dark and complex fruit flavors. Did you know that Oregon is on the same latitude as Burgundy? 


PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO, PORA, RISERVA 2001 260- This one of my favorite winemakers in Barberesco [Nebbiolo] because it is a consortium of grape growers from many different vineyard sites.  This one is from the Pora vineyard and it is a fantastic value for a Barberesco with this much bottle age.


Burgundy DOMAINE MUGNERET-GIBOURG 2011 270- This Pinot Noir is from the village of Vosne Romanee, where the grapes are claimed to possess a “unique” flavor. Mugneret is a master winemaker and here is your chance to see what all the “buzz” is about.


Syrah DOMAINE CLAPE 2012 315- Do you know Auguste Clape? He is one of the greatest  Syrah winemakers in France. This wine will redefine how you see Syrah.


Chateauneuf du Pape CHÂTEAU DE BEAUCASTEL 1998 350- This is 20 year old Chateauneuf du Pape is from one of the best producers in the region. Enough said!


Burgundy DOMAINE GHISLAINE BARTHOD, LES VÉROILLES, 1ER CRU 2005 480- This Pinot Noir is from the amazing 2005 vintage. Chambolle wines are almost “ethereal”. They are light in color but have intense red fruit [strawberry-cherry-raspberry] flavors Barthod is a brilliant winemaker in Chambolle.





Magnum [2 bottles]-If you are having 5 or more guest for dinner, a second bottle of wine will be necessary. Nothing says celebration, like a big bottle of wine being poured at the table. It is believed the best grapes of a winery go into the magnums.


Beaujolais DOMAINE MEE GODARD, CÔTE DU PY, MORGON 2014 MAGNUM 150- A great Crus Beaujolais and a great magnum value.



SAUMUR-CHAMPIGNY DOMAINE FILLIATREAU, VIEILLES VIGNES 1989 MAGNUM 480- This Cabernet Franc is almost 30 years old, and the fruit and spice flavors will be completely evolved and complex. Sublime!

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