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Rose Gosset Brut Rosé Grand Cru Aÿ NV 195- This Rose Champagne has strawberry, cherry and citrus notes.


Gosset Brut "Excellence" Aÿ NV 125 - This NV [non vintage] Champagne is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Some flavors of apples, citrus, and “toasted crust of bread”.


Pierre Peters "Cuvée Spéciale-Les Chétillons" Brut Mesnil-sur-Oger 2008 315- the 2008 vintage was amazing, so this 10 year old bottle of Champagne should have very “bright” fruit flavors. A good value for this great 2008 vintage.









Under $100.00


New York Riesling Hermann Weimer Off Dry, Element Finger Lakes 2012 55- Don’t skip over this Riesling from Upstate New York. The Riesling grape thrives in the cold climate. Weimer is making world class Rieslings


Samur Domaine de L'Enchantoir "Terres Blanches" 2015 56- This is Chenin Blanc, which is light in color but with intense “nutty” scents, apple, and citrus fruit flavors. A very “crisp” [high acid] which allows it to pair with rich food.


Germany Riesling "Linsenberg" Schoenheitz 2014 60- Ask the Sommelier to describe [bone dry-dry-semisweet-sweet] all the Rieslings [German-Austrian-Italian-Alsatian] at this price point. See which matches your preferred style of wine.


Maconnais Les Héritiers du Comte Lafon "Mâcon-Milly-Lamartine" 2015 68- The Macon area in France is where great Chardonnays are being made for great prices. A great value wine.


Burgundy Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Aligoté 2015 70- Aligote is the sister grape of Chardonnay. A fantastic white wine when produced by serious winemakers like Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey. A lot of the same Burgundian character as more expensive Chardonnays. A great wine value!


Burgundy Domaine Simon Bize & Fils "Les Champlains" 2014 75- When picking a “basic” white Burgundy [Chardonnay], always look for a winemaker who produces other very pedigreed wine. Here is the perfect example from Domaine Simon Bize & Fils.


Sicily Carricante "ValCerasa" Bonaccorsi Etna 2012 75- Because of the hot sun, grapes grown there possess a natural “warmth”. Pick this interesting “citrus” flavored “sunny” wine.


California Sandhi Santa Barbara 2014 76- If it is California Chardonnay you desire, then pick this one that is not too “oaky” and “buttery”.


Rhone Domaine Gramenon 2014 80- Cotes du Rhone are usually “simple” white “table” wines produced with purchased grapes. This is serious Cotes du Rhone Blanc made by a dedicated winemaking couple in Rhone France. This white wine is anything but “simple”.


 Burgundy René Bouvier "Le Clos" 2014 95- This Marsanny [Chardonnay] is produced by a master winemaker in Burgundy. Here he issuing Chardonnay grapes to create a fantastic value wine.


Bordeaux Smith Haut Lafitte "Le Petit Haut Lafitte" 2014 95- This white Bordeaux [Sauvignon Blanc-Semmelion] is from the great 2014 vintage. This has plenty of yellow apples and honeysuckle flavors.






Over $100.00


Vouvray Domaine Huet "Le Haut-Lieu" Demi-Sec 2015 100- This Chenin Blanc wine has nuttiness, ginger, and apple flavors. A wine with great structure that lends itself to pair well with all foods.


Sancerre Domaine Bernard Fleuriet & Fils "La Baronne" 2014 105- This Sancerre [Sauvignon Blanc] has great fruit [citrus+pineapple] flavors, which makes it a great value for the price.


Alsatian Riesling "Langenberg" Marcel Deiss 2011 115- Marcel Deiss is a magician in the vineyard. Ask the Sommelier to describe [bone dry-dry-semisweet-sweet] all the Rieslings [German-Austrian-Italian-Alsatian] at this price point. See which matches your preferred style of wine.


Corsica Nicolas Mariotti Bindi "Pastoreccie Viellissement Prolongé" Vermentinu 2011 120- This classic Italian “crisp” [high acid] and herb flavored wine, is from the “rocky” island of Corsica. A lot of young winemakers have moved there to produce “unique” and terroir driven white wines.


Burgundy Chablis Moreau-Naudet 1er Cru "Forêts" 2015 135-Chablis [Chardonnay} is my favorite white Burgundy because of the complex and mineral fruit flavors.


Italy Friulano, Miani Friuli Colli Orientali 2015 145- A perfect food pairing white Italian “crisp” [high acid] wine with citrus, apple, and almond flavors.


California Aubert "Eastside Vineyard" Russian River Valley 2015 210- f it is California Chardonnay you desire, pick this Burgundian style Chardonnay. This is a class act.


Maconnais Pouilly Fuissé, Domaine J.A. Ferret "Les Perrières" 2009 150- The Maconnais region in France is where great Chardonnays are produced for a great price. The 2009 vintage was amazing, so this mature Pouilly Fuissé will have pear, nuttiness, honey, and citrus flavors. You will love this 9 year old Chardonnay from an artisanal winemaking young lady.


Burgundy Meursault François Mikulski 2015 195- Meursault [Chardonnay] is the most “feminine” of all the white Burgundies. “Soft” fruit flavors with great structure.


California Roussanne/Viognier, Kongsgaard Napa Valley 2005 250- Are you tired of California Chardonnay? Pick this blend of Rhone grapes that has tons of stone fruit [apricot-peach] flavors and in beautiful balance. Ask the Sommelier if this 14 year old wine is past its prime, or is this “gem” just getting better.


Burgundy Puligny Montrachet Domaine Leflaive 2015 315- Leflavie is a master winemaker in Puligny. Here is his village[grapes grown in the town vineyards] effort from the great 2015 vintage.











Under $100.00




Cabernet Franc Saumur, Domaine Guiberteau 2015 70- This Cabernet Franc is full of dark fruit [black cherry-dark plums] and spice flavors. The 2015 was a great vintage.


California Cabernet Whitehall Lane Winery "Tre Leoni" Napa Valley 2014 72- If it is California Cabernet you desire, pick this one.


Rhone Domaine Gramenon "Sierra du Sud" 2015 75- Cotes du Rhone are typically “round”[soft] and “super fruity” wines. This one is different. A serious balanced wine [The wine acts like a wave. The fruit rises in your mouth, crests, and then recedes in a long slow finish.] Producing a balanced wine, is the sign of a great winemaker and that makes this “simple” Rhone wine, anything but “simple”.


Italy Corvina "Ripasso" Buglioni 2013 76- This is “baby” Amarone is loaded with dark chocolate, black cherry, and raisin flavors.


Oregon Pinot Noir 12 E 12 2016 76- If it is USA Pinot Noir you desire, pick this one. I prefer Oregon Pinot Noirs to California Pinot Noirs. I think the fruit is darker and more complex.


St Joseph Domaine Guy Farge "Passion de Terrasses" 2013 88- St Joseph is a region where great Syrah is produced for a great price. There is a lot of dark fruit [bing cherry- dark plums-black raspberry] flavors. Ask the Sommelier to decent this wine, because St Joseph Syrah’s need to breathe [mix with air] to allow the fruit to be present.


Bordeaux Les Fiefs de Lagrange 2011 96- The 2011 vintage was very good and meant for “near term” drinking. That means this Bordeaux wine should be perfect tonight.


Burgundy Santenay Antoine Olivier 2015 95- A Pinot Noir with great red fruit [strawberry+cherry] flavors. The 2015 vintage was excellent, so the fruit flavors will be very “bright”.


Burgundy Marchand Tawse 2014 84- This Marsannay [Pinot Noir] is from the great 2015 vintage. A really good value.






Over $100.00





Rioja La Rioja Alta "Gran Reserva 904" 2007 130- This is my favorite Rioja with intense bing cherry flavors. This is a Reserva Rioja, so it is stored in oak for an extra 2 years. 


California Cabernet Laurel Glen Sonoma Mountain 2011 135- I love this California Cabernet. There is a beautiful balance between fruit and structure. It all comes together to produce a fantastic Cabernet. One of my favorite producers in California.


Burgundy Claire Naudin "Viola Odorata" 2011 165- This Pinot Noir is from Ladoix and is from the very good 2011 vintage.


Oregon Pinot Noir Harper Voit "Bieze Vineyard" 2015 170- If it is USA Pinot Noir you desire, pick this one. I prefer the Oregon Pinots to the California Pinots, because the fruit is darker and more complex. Did you know that Oregon and Burgundy are on the same latitude.


Burgundy Beaune Dominique Lafon 1er Cru "Vignes Franches" 2015 225- This Pinot Noir is produced by the famed winemaker Dominique Lafon, who is know for his attention to detail. The 2015 vintage was amazing and the fruit flavors in this wine will be “bright” and fresh.


Burgundy Chambolle Musigny Domaine Gilbert & Christine Felettig 1er Cru "Les Carrières" 2011 225- This Pinot Noir from Chamboule is almost “ethereal”. Light in color but with intense red fruit [strawberry+raspberry] flavors.


Italy Valpolicella Superiore "Monte Lodoletta" Dal Forno Romano 2010 230- This Valpolicella has intense dried black cherry, dark plums, coffee bean, and tar scents and flavors. A “rustic” style of wine with a lot of structure. You have the necessary 9 years of bottle age to calm this “beast” down.


Cote du Rhone Château de Fonsalette 2006 285- This is no ordinary Cotes du Rhone. It is produced by J. Rayas, the master winemaker in Chateauneuf du Pape.


Barolo Oddero "Bussia" Monforte d'Alba 2010 310- This Barolo [Nebbiolo] is from the historic 2010 vintage. Oddero is a family run winery and produces great red wine.


Burgundy Volany Pousse d'Or 1er Cru "Les Caillerets Clos des 60 Ouvrées" 1996 325- Have you ever tasted 22 year old Burgundy Pinot Noir? This is your chance from the famed 1996 vintage. Ask the Sommelier if this wine is “tired” and lost it’s youth. Is the fruit still present? Am I going to be disappointed?


Burgundy Morey St Denis Hubert Lignier 1er cru "Les Chaffots" 2009 340- Lignier is my favorite red Burgundy wine producer because he is able to express the true terroir of a vineyard. Terroir is the unique characteristics of a particular vineyard, including the soil and the surrounding flora and fauna. Here he is producing wine from the great 2009 vintage in the special Les Chaffots vineyard.


Bordeaux Château Rauzan-Ségla 2nd growth 2005 350- This is a Margaux wine from the great, and ready to drink, 2005 vintage. The classic Margaux “sweetness” of fruit is present in this seriously dark colored beauty.


Barberesco Bruno Giacosa "Asili" Neive 2009 350- Bruno Giacosa’s Barberesco [Nebbiolo] wines need bottle age to soften the tannins and allow the intense red fruit [ripe plums-bing cherries] to emerge. There are the classic rose petal and tar scents. Bruno Giacosa is an “old school” brilliant winemaker.


Burgundy Gevrey-Chambertin Jean Marc Millot 1er Cru "Les Suchots" 2012 365- This is Premier Cru [grapes grown in the special Les Suchots vineyard] Pinot Noir and has intense red fruit [strawberry+cherry+raspberry] flavors. 


Burgundy Clos Vougeot Domaine Forey Père & Fils Grand Cru 2013 375- Forey is another master winemaker, who is able to express the true terroir of a vineyard. Here in the famed Grand Crus Clos Vougeot vineyard. In a good vintage like 2013, a winemaker like Forey will make great Pinot Noir.


Cote Rotie Domaine Jamet 2012 385- Jamet is brilliant winemaker who is known for his Cote Rotie [Syrah]. This “monster” has tons of exotic spice, cassis, licorice, and black cherry flavors. The 2012 vintage in northern Rhone was very good.


Bandol, Château de Pibarnon 1990 385- Bandol red wines [Mourvedre grapes] need a lot bottle age for their “intense” tannins to soften. When the tannins soften and the fruit flavors emerge, Bandol red wine will blow your mind. Here you have the necessary 28 years of bottle age to create a masterpiece. One of my favorite red wines in the world!

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