Delaware and Hudson Wine List Review 1 Michelin Star



Burgundy, France (375ml)Bailly La Pierre “Reserve” Cremant De Bourgogne NV *        31


This is not “true” Champagne, but who cares because it is delicious. This is “similar” to a Blanc de Blanc [all Chardonnay grapes] Champagne but more rustic. What better place to produce Chardonnay sparkling wine then Burgundy?


Lombardy, Italy  Ricci Cubastro “Saten” Franciacorta Brut NV         90- Another Chardonnay sparkling wine. This one has great citrus and mineral flavors. 


Champagne, France  Andre Clouet Grand Reserve Brut Champagne       110- This is all Pinot Noir Champagne and with that there are traces of red fruit flavors [strawberry-raspberry] mixed with citrus. A great bottle of Champagne for the price.






Campania, Italy 2014  Terredora di Paolo “Rosaenovae” Irpinia         38- A great rose wine with red fruit flavors from the “bold” Aglianico grapes. A “fierce” rose.


Dry Creek Valley, CA Edmunds St. John “Bone-Jolly” Gamay Noir Rose        64-A rose produced from the Gamay grape [Beaujolais]. Pale pink and “pretty”.






Campania, Italy 2014  Poderi Foglia Falanghina          41- A beautiful Italian wine with a “bright” citrus scent and apricot and pear fruit flavors.


Mosel, Germany 2014 Max Ferd. Richter Mulheimer “Zeppelin” Sonnelay Riesling       44-Ask the Sommelier to describe [bone dry-dry-semisweet-sweet] all the Rieslings [German-Austrian] on the list. See which matches with your preferred style of wine.


Friuli, Italy 2013 Teresa Raiz “Friulano” Colli Orientali de Friuli        45-This is a great white wine. A lot of citrus and nut flavors. Friulano is a pleasure to drink.


Piemonte, Italy 2013  Orsolani “La Rustia” Erbaluce di Caluso         59- An Italian white with stone fruit [peach-apricot] and citrus flavors. A “crisp” [high acid] wine which allows it to pair well with food.


Sancerre, France 2014  Domaine Girard “La Garenne” Sancerre  *         (375ml) 33- Sancerre [Sauvignon Blanc] could be one of the best white wine values on a restaurant list. There are great fruit flavors [citrus+pineapple] and it pairs well with food. This is NOT like other Sauvignon Blancs that are “grassy” and “grapefruit” flavored.


Burgundy, France 2014  Domaine Nathalie et Gilles Févre Chablis          65- Chablis [Chardonnay] is my favorite white Burgundy because of the complex fruit and mineral flavors. A good value for the price. 

Russian River Valley, CA 2011  Marimar Estate “La Masia” Chardonnay          77- If it is California Chardonnay you desire, pick this one. A “big” and “rich” classic California Chardonnay.






Mendoza, Argentina 2013  Gouguenheim Malbec “Reserva”        40- A beautiful “full bodied” Malbec with tons of dark fruit [blackberry-plum] flavors with a touch of licorice.


Sablet, France 2014  Domaine Chamfort Cotes Du Rhone            41- Typically Cotes du rhone red wine is a “simple” blend of Rhone valley grapes. This a wine with “bright” red fruit [strawberry-cherry-cranberry-cassis] and spice flavors. This Cotes du Rhone is anything but “simple”.


 Chianti, Italy 2011  Villa Montecchio Chianti         45- The 2011 vintage in Chianti was very good, so this 7 year old bottle should be “bright” with Sangiovese dark [black cherry-black berry-cassis] fruit flavors. This is a great red wine value.


Crozes-Hermitage, France 2013 Laurent Habrard Crozes-Hermitage 55- Crozes Hermitage [Syrah] is an excellent red wine value on any restaurant list. They have great red [cassis], licorice, and dark [blackberry-plums-black cherry] fruit flavors. They can be enjoyed young, like this 2013. They are usually priced right, like this one.



Siena, Italy 2013 Fossacolle Rosso di Montalcino  57- If you like Brunello di Montalcino, let me introduce you to his “skinny” “younger” brother. Rosso di Montalcino have a  lot of the same flavors as the “big” brother, but without the “weight” [body]. The best part is, you can enjoy these Rosso’s young, like this 2013.


Venezia Giulia, Italy 2010  Lis Neris Cabernet Sauvignon *          (375ml) 30- This Italian Cabernet is very “earthy” and “round” [soft tannins]. It is always interesting to taste Cabernet grown in different places [Bordeaux-California-Australia-Italy] because the wine expresses the terroir [the unique soil and flora and fauna surrounding the vineyard]. A salad tastes different in Italy than it does on east 54th Street.


Chinon, France 2011  Olga Raffault “Les Picasses” Chinon” *         (375ml) 42- This Chino [Cabernet Franc] is a “rustic”wine that pair well with food because of the bing cherry and mineral flavors. 


Vaucluse, France 2012  Domaine de Chateaumar Chateauneuf-du-Pape  87. The three most important things when choosing a wine from a restaurant list are: Vintage-Producer-Price. This Chateauneuf du Pape is from the “monster” 2012 vintage so you can enjoy this wine tonight with it’s red and black fruit [black cherry-black raspberry-blackberry], licorice, and herb flavors. I have been drinking a lot of 2012 Chateaux du Papes this past year, and they are fantastic.


Willamet Valley, Oregon 2013 St. Innocent Montazi Vineyard Pinot Noir *         (375ml) 47- I love Oregon Pinot Noir because it is darker and more complex than California Pinot Noirs. This is a beautiful Pinot with a lot of red fruit [strawberry-raspberry] flavors.



Burgundy, France 2011 Clos Du Moulin aux Moines Auxey-Duresses          90- This Pinot Noir from Burgundy is “light” in weight but with a lot of red fruit [strawberry-raspberry-cherry] flavors. There is good “grip” [acidity] to keep the wine in balance. Balance is when a wine acts like a wave. The fruit flavors rise in your mouth, crest, and then recede with a long slow finish. A wine with good balance is a hallmark of a great winemaker.


Piemonte, Italy 2009 Produttori Barbaresco Rio Sordo Riserva Barbaresco           110- This Barberesco [Nebbiolo] is produced from grapes contributed by many Piedmontese growers.    

The Rio Sordo [my favorite vineyard] produces wines that are amazing with spice, black cherry, and black pepper flavors. The 2009 vintage was really good, and with 9 years of bottle age, this wine have evolved complex fruit [think stewed fruit] flavors.

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