Del Posto Wine List Review 1 Michelin Star



FERRARI Brut Perlé Trentino 2009 96- A great pick and a vintage wine. That counts for so


JOSÉ DHONDT Brut Blanc de Blancs NV 95- I love Blanc de Blanc. All Chardonnay grapes make this non vintage Champagne a great value. I would order this wine!


PASCAL DOQUET Brut Blanc des Blancs 1998 100- Is this 20 year old Champagne “over the hill”? Ask the Sommelier if this wine is past it’s prime. If so, pass on it. If not and he/she assures you that”you will love this wine”,  order it! Remember that older Champagnes have fewer bubbles and posses a Sherry like flavor.


GIMONNET-GONET Brut Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Cuvée Prestige 2008 110- One of the best vintages in the past 10 years! All Chardonnay grapes with 10 years bottle age. This older Champagne will be fresher and brighter than the above wine. A great pick!





Under $75.00




GRADIS' CIUTTA Bràtinis Bianco 2014 14179 65-Light and fruity


STRASSERHOF Kerner 2015 55- A great Riesling wine value.


BRANDINI Langhe Arneis 2015 60- I love Arneis. Look for the tell tale scents of anise and black licorice. This is a great food wine.


LA COLOMBERA Timorasso Derthona 2013 64- Timorasso grapes- A full bodied wine with good acidity [makes your mouth pucker] and therefore able to pair with rich food. Because it is “crisp” [good acidity], this is a refreshing wine to drink.


SARTARELLI Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore Balciana 2008 70-This wine has about 9 years of bottle age. White wines as they get older take on different nuances of flavor. If you have never drank older white wines, try this one.


ODDERO Collaretto 2010 55- Ok here is the Chardonnay pick. Select this Chardonnay over all the other over priced California Chardonnays on the list. Why? This is a great producer and he mixes in a little Riesling with the Chardonnay. Great pick!


MASTROBERARDINO 2006 60- Ask the Sommelier if this wine is past it’s prime. 11 years is old for a Greco di Tufo. If he assures you that it is still fresh, order it.



Over $100.00


QUINTARELLI Ca' del Merlo Bianco Secco Bianco 2016 110- Quintarelli does not know how to make bad wine. He is the king of Amarone. This white blend would be my pick. You know it is going to be interesting wine! 


****When choosing a wine off a list: 


Rule #1 look to see if the vintage is great. Everyone makes great wine in a great vintage. Only great winemakers make great wine in a weak vintage. 


Rule #2 Look for a great winemaker. They stand by their product. If a great winemaker feels a vintage is too weak, they will not release the wine under their name. They will sell it off to negotiants [wine brokers] to make generic wine.








FONTERENZA Toscana Rosato Rosa Toscana 2016 13545 56- A Tuscan rose made with Sangiovese grapes. It should be enjoyable.







Under $75.00


FORTETO DELLA LUJ Le Grive 2010 70- Great value wine! A 7 year old wine from the  amazing 2010 vintage.


MONSECCO Sizzano 2007 75- Another great “Barolo” value from a great vintage


LE RAGOSE Ripasso Classico Superiore 2011 65- This 6 year old Valpolicella [Baby Amorone] is a good value table wine.


BROVIA d'Alba Sori del Drago 2015 65- A nice Barbera from a great vintage.


PALMENTO COSTANZO Mofete 2012 18000 65- Sicilian wines benefit from the hot sun, so they are lush. They also benefit from the volcanic soil.


EZIO T. Vino da Tavola Barslina 2010 60- Is this 7 year old red table wine a winner or a dog? Ask the Sommelier and if he says that this is a hidden gem, order it.


VIBERTI d'Alba Superiore Bricco Airoli 2013 64- Ask the Sommelier which is a better value, this Barbera or the Barbera above.


LISINI 2012 60- This Rosso di Montalcino “little brother” of Brunello di Montalcino is always a great restaurant pick. Why? Because it has the character of Brunello but it does not aging to make it approachable. You can drink Rosso’s young and this wine is from the very good 2012 vintage. Lisini makes serious Brunello. If you like Brunellos, pick this wine. One of the best values on the whole list!



Over $100.00


ELIO GRASSO Gavarini Chiniera 2004 200- 2004 was an amazing vintage! Now this wine is 13 years old and should be drinking beautiful. Not cheap but if you like mature Barolo, this is your wine. The 2005 is $10.00 less but is not as half as good as the 2004!!!


ODDERO 2007 145- This 10 year old Barolo is produced by an “old school” family of winemakers. This is a good value wine. Classic Barolo!


LUIGI EINAUDI 2007 135- Another 10 year old Barolo. I love this producer! 


PAOLO BEA Rosso de Veo 2010 125- Sangrantino grapes make up this very distinct wine. This guy knows how to make wine! This is one of his lower tier cuvees but still has Bea’s “finger prints” all over it!  


PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO Riserva 2008 155- This wine is made by a consortium of growers in Barberesco. “Barberesco by Committee” is not a bad thing. In fact I love these wines and 2008 was Avery good vintage. This reserva wine is 9 years old and will be drinking beautifully right now.


FERRANDO Carema Etichetta Bianca 2010 175- Amazing wine in an amazing vintage. If you have the bucks, spend it here. Serious Nebbiolo!

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