Carbone Wine List Review- 1 Michelin Star



Ployez-Jacquemart 2008 175- The 2008 was a near perfect vintage, so this wine will be “bright” and fresh. This is a Blanc de Blanc [all Chardonnay grapes], so there is a “special” quality to the fruit flavor.


Gosset NV 195- This NV [non vintage] Champagne is also a Blanc de Blanc. I love the style of Champagne Gosset produces.


Tarlant 'Cuvee Louis' NV 215- This is a Brut Nature Champagne, which is the “driest” style produced. When you taste this champagne your tongue will feel “dusty” and your cheeks “puckered”.






Cantine di Marzo Greco di Tufo 2014 65- Greco Di Tufo is a fantastic white wine. With flavors of herbs and citrus peel, this is a great value wine.


Thomas Niedermayr Bronner 2015 75-Ask the Sommelier to describe [bone dry-dry-semisweet-sweet] all the Rieslings [German-Austrian-Italian-French]. See which one matches your preferred style of wine.


Alphonse Mellot 'La Moussiere', Sancerre 2016 80- Sancerre [Sauvignon Blanc] could be one of the best white wines on any restaurant list, because it has great fruit flavors [citrus -pineapple] and it pairs very well with food.


Planeta Sicilia Bianco 2015 80- The hot sun over Sicily, ensures that “lush”grapes are produced. Pick this great white wine with light peach flavors.


Cornarea Arneis 2013 85- I love Arneis wine from Italy. There is a distinct scent and flavor of graphite [lead pencil] with complex fruit flavors. Like most Italian whites, this wine is very “crisp” [high acid], which allows it to pair with rich food.


Bruno Clair Marsannay 2014 85-This is a “rustic” and colorful Chardonnay from Burgundy. Bruno Clair is an excellent winemaker.


Herman J. Weimer Riesling 'HJW' Finger Lakes 2014 90- Don’t dismiss this Upstate New York Riesling. In the cold climate, Riesling grapes thrive. Herman J. Weimer is a master winemaker. 





Over $100.00


Domaine de Beaurenard Cháteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc 2015 105- I love Cháteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc. It is a “bigger” and richer” then other white wines. There are honeysuckle and white pepper flavors. The 2015 vintage was excellent. 


Sandhi 'Rita's Crown' Santa Rita Hills 2011 140-If it California Chardonnay you desire, pick this one. This is not the usual “heavy” and “thick” California Chardonnay, it is more of a Burgundian style. Ask the Sommelier to describe other California Chardonnays on the list.


Labet Savigny-Lès-Beaune 'Marconnets' 2013 175- This is a serious Chardonnay from Burgundy. A lot of citrus and stone fruit {peach-apricot] flavors. A great wine with food.


Domaine Michelot 1er Cru 'Les Charmes' 2009 225- Have you ever tasted a 9 year old Chardonnay? With 9 years of bottle age, the fruit flavors will evolve and become more complex. What makes this wine special, is that the 2009 vintage was excellent.


Meursault Henri Boillot 1er Cru Charmes 2014 250- This is Chardonnay from the Meursault village in Burgundy. Meursault is the most “feminine” of all the white Burgundies. Henri Boillot is a master winemaker, who is able to express the true terroir [unique soil and surrounding flora and fauna elements] in his wines. The best part is, his wines are very reasonably priced for their quality.


Paul Pillot 1er Cru 'Cailleret' 2009 410- Another 9 year old Chardonnay but this time from the Chassagne village. Lots of citrus and classic “flinty” scents and flavors.This is a Premier Crus [ grapes grown in the Cailleret vineyard] wine, so there will be more complexity to the fruit flavors.













Over $100.00


Flavio Roddolo Barbera d'Alba 'Bricco Appiani' 2009 100- Barbera could be the best value red wine on any restaurant list. There are great dark fruit [dark plums-bing cherry-blackberry] and spice flavors. This Barbera is 9 years old, so the fruit flavors will have evolved and the tannins softened. A great value red wine.


Sandro Fay Sforzato di Valtellina 'Ronco del Picchio' 2013 135- This a lighter style of Nebbiolo wine with 5 years of bottle age.


Campania Feudi di San Gregorio 'Piano di Montevergine' 2011 155- I just tasted an older vintage of this wine and it blew me away. Intense fruit flavors [bing cherry-cassis-dark plums] and great structure with soft tannins. A very good red wine pick!


Cornas Jacques Lemenicier 2015 125- This great Syrah from the excellent 2015 vintage. I love Cornas and this is a great wine value. 


Villa Russiz Merlot Collio Goriziano 'Graf de la Tour' 2011 160- Italian Merlot is very different from USA Merlot, in a good way. The Merlot grape takes on the terroir of Italian soil.


Oregon Pinot Noir Hiyu 'Arco Iris' Columbia Gorge 2015 215- If it is USA Pinot Noir you desire, pick this one from Oregon. I prefer the Oregon Pinots as compared to the California Pinots because they are darker with more complex fruit flavors. Did you know Oregon and Burgundy are on the same latitude?


Cote Rotie Paul Jaboulet Aine'Les Jumelles' 2012 225-This is great Syrah from the 2012 vintage and Jaboulet is a master winemaker in Rhone. Cote Rotie has leather and smoked meat notes with  exotic dark and red fruit flavors.  


Bordeaux Pomerol Chateau Gazin 2012 230- Do you love great Bordeaux? Do you love great Pomerol [Merlot] Bordeaux? This wine is stuffed with strawberry, raspberry, wet soil, and vanilla flavors. This wine maybe young but it is fantastic!


Brunello di Montalcino Collemattoni 2006 240-With 12 years of bottle age and from the great 2006 vintage, this Brunello should be perfect with your dinner. A good value wine.


Chateauneuf du Pape Beaurenard 'Gran Partida' 2012 250- I recently attended a blind Chateauneuf du Pape tasting and this same wine  from the 2012 vintage came in first place. Enough said! 


California Cabernet Sauvignon Spring Mountain, Napa Valley 2007 265- If it is California Cabernet you desire, pick this 11 year old one. The “10 year” rule applies with California Cabernet because they need bottle age to soften the tannins. Spring Mountain wines are made in the “old school” style of California Cabernet. Not “over extracted” “fruit bomb” monsters.


Barberesco Cigliuti 'Serraboella' 1998 275- This is a sleeper pick. This gem is hidden amongst a plethora [SAT word] of expensive Barolos and Barberescos. This 20 year old wine is from the great 1998 vintage. After 20 years, the fruit flavors have evolved and become exotic. Mild tannins persist, to hold this beauty together. If you have never tasted fully mature Barberesco, treat yourself to this one.



Gevrey-Chambertin Rene Leclerc 1er Cru 'Combe au Moine' 2010 295- This Premier Crus [grapes grown in the special Combe au Moine vineyard] Pinot Noir is from a great producer and a great vintage. With 8 years of bottle age, this should be a beautiful wine.


Umbria Arnaldo Caprai Montefalco Sagrantino '25 Anni' 2003 340- Sangratino wines need bottle age to soften their “intense” tannins and allow the dark fruit [black berry-black cherry] and other interesting flora and fauna flavors from the surrounding area [terroir] to be expressed. Here you have 15 years of bottle age from the really good 2003 vintage. This wine is serious.


Provence - Bandol Domaine Tempier 2000 345- If you love Rhone red wine, try this “monster” from Bandol [Mourvedre grapes]. Bandol wines need a lot of bottle age to shed their “intense” tannins and allow their “amazing” fruit flavors to emerge. Here you have the necessary 18 years to do the trick. I recently tasted a Bandol wine from the 2004 vintage and I was in awe. I wished that I had purchased more bottles for my cellar. 


Super Tuscan Antinori 'Guado al Tasso' 2009 375- This is a blend of Cabernet-Merlot-Syrah from the great 2009 vintage. With 9 years of bottle age, the “big” red and black complex fruit flavors from all the different grapes, will be beautiful. It takes a master winemaker, like the house of Antinori, to artfully put this blend of grapes together. Do not forget that Antinori created the Super Tuscan with Tignanello.


Barolo La Spinetta 'Vürsù' 2006 395- This is a really good value Barolo. With 12 years of bottle age and from the great 2006 vintage,. This Barolo should be amazing tonight. If you want a more “intense” Barolo experience, pick the Bruno Giacosa Barolo below.


Bruno Giacosa Barolo 'Falletto' 2008 445- I use the “10 year” rule when tasting big red wines like Barolo. You need at least 10 years to soften the tannins and allow the fruit flavors to emerge. The good news here, is that 2008 was a great year in Piedmont Italy. A great vintage ensures that as the tannins soften, there will be “lush” dark fruit flavors [black cherry-cassis-blackberry] in this wine. Of course, Bruno Giacosa is and has been brilliant winemaker in Barolo for decades.




Red Wine Magnums [2 bottles]


Bordeaux Margaux Chateau Brane-Cantenac 'Baron de Brane,' Margaux 2009 195- If you are having 5 or more guests, a second bottle of wine will be necessary. This 2009 Bordeaux is a steal!!!! I have been drinking a ton of 2009 Bordeaux and they are fantastic! Margaux has a characteristic sweetness on the fruit flavors. Nothing says celebration like a big bottle of wine being poured at the table. Order this wine and you will be happy.


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