The City Cork is a website devoted to decoding restaurant wine lists. Being handed a wine list, by a sommelier or a waiter in a restaurant, makes most people nervous. You then desperately look for a wine that you recognize. What if you don't recognize any wines? Then there is the price. Am I over paying for this wine? 

What if you were advised of which wine to pick prior to going to the restaurant? It is like having the answers to an exam before you enter the classroom. 

The City Cork has collected wine lists from restaurants all over the New York City metropolitan area. There are hidden treasures on every list at every price point.


It is easy. 


Pick a restaurant you are planning to dine at. Look up that restaurant on The City Cork website. When you do, a link to the complete wine list will appear. Below will be a link to the wines we consider to be a good value, based on quality and price. Order that wine with confidence!


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